“As an exercise scientist I’ve read far too many books on fitness and healthy living. I didn’t really believe that there was anything new or exciting out there until I read Ultimate Life. This book has changed the way I look at my health and instead of simply focusing on the physical, which I have done far too often throughout my life, the authors have opened my eyes to the four aspects of health—physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. I absolutely loved their first three easy tips, something any of us can do no matter how busy or out of shape we might feel. I would highly recommend this plan to a whole approach of health that can truly change your life.” —Cami Checketts, Exercise Scientist and bestselling author of the Billionaire Bride Pact romances

Ultimate Life Coaching Sessions

We will be starting signups soon for Ultimate Life Coaching sessions.  These sessions will include motivation, ideas for nutrition, fitness routines, relationships, purpose, and other ideas to help you make the most of each day to reach your goals.  We will also include pre- and post self assessments so you can set goals and see your progress.  We will also give ideas for meals, snacks, and how to deal with cravings.  These emails will keep you stay energized and focused on getting healthier and happier in your life.


There will be 3 different levels- Beginner, Master, and Elite

Beginner and master sessions will run for 31-days

Elite session will run for 30-days


Beginner level 

*31-day program: starts the day you sign up

– 10 emails targeted at your needs along with 4 follow-up/check-in emails

-Emails will include a word of the day (example- energy, focus, intensity).


-Food-Snack Ideas

-Workout routines

-Tips related to 9 steps found in our book: Ultimate Life: Create a life worth living in 9 simple steps

-Pre and post self assessments

-Goal setting techniques and help achieving

-Weekly newsletter

You can change your life for less than a dollar a day!

Cost: $27 


Master level 

*31-day program: starts the day you sign up

Everything found in the beginner level, plus the following:

-Video clips of workout ideas, meal ideas, tips on being healthier, better relationships, etc.

-Audio clips of us teaching principles of healthy living, eating, exercising, purpose in life, how to learn quicker, energy tips, higher quality sleep, etc.

-detailed monthly meal planner

-detailed monthly exercise routine planner

-Free E-book- Ultimate Life: Create a life worth living in 9 simple steps 

-Free E-book- Ultimate Green Smoothies 

You can get emails, pre-and post self assessments, exercise and meal planners, videos, audios, and free e-books for one low price!

Cost: $97



Elite level

*30-day program, starts on the 1st of each month.  Limited participation- 15 participants per month, can signup anytime prior to the 25th of the month prior to the program start date

Everything found in the beginner and master levels plus the following:

-Four 30-minute personal mentoring phone calls/Skype

-Detailed goal setting and help accomplishing goals

-Access to all videos, audios, resources, and e-books

-Pre- and post self assessments in detail and reviewed personally in calls

-Access to private Facebook group for support and help on questions

-Required to sign up for future Ultimate Life Coach training to become an Ultimate life coach

Personalized mentoring, detailed help reaching your goals, private Facebook support group, videos, audios, free e-books, daily emails, meal and exercise planners, and help reaching your Ultimate Life all in 30-days.

Cost: $249