What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Balance”?  For me I think of my then 7-year old son getting up on his pedal bike for the first time.  I could see his excitement, but also sensed the fear he had at riding a bike all on his own.  He was afraid of falling down and getting hurt.  He climbed onto his bike and I helped hold him from behind while he pedaled.  For those who have helped a child with this experience, you know that they don’t have any sense of balance at first.  They are completely in your control to helpRead More →

Hi, this is Steve Christensen.  I am the owner and president of Ultimate Life: create a life worth living.  My wife, Rachelle Christensen, is co-owner and vice president.  We have 5 kids and live on a farm in rural Idaho.  We raise chickens, cats, and a dog.  I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan and love dark chocolate. Rachelle is a successful author and loves to spend her free time reading and spending time with her family. Ultimate Life was created to share our story of how we found a life of health and happiness through following a series of steps and ideas thatRead More →