9-Step Plan

9-Step Plan

Create a Life worth Living in 9 Simple Steps:

“Steve’s introduction, explanation, and action steps of the Ultimate Life are simple and powerfully explained with personal stories that the reader can relate to.  He does an excellent job helping the reader to feel empowered to take action right away, to take charge of your life, and do so in all the right areas.  His book drives home how important balance is in our lives to fully reach our own potential, and supplies all the needed support and tips along the way to be successful.  Rachelle’s added insights are concise and an extra bonus that I really enjoyed.”

–Malaena Kelson/Founder and CEO of LashWrap

Here is a short introduction and summary of the 9 Steps that we talk about in our book: Ultimate Life: Create a Life worth Living in 9 Simple steps

To achieve your ultimate life, you need to create a life that is full of health and happiness.  We have come up with 9 steps that if studied and carefully followed will help you to achieve better and longer lasting results of better health and a more fulfilling life.  These steps will help you in the 4 cores of your life, including: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  As you work on each of these areas, you will see how they are interconnected and influence each other.  If you spend some time on your emotional life, you will see that it becomes easier to get results on your physical body.  You will find that you can lose weight and achieve better health not only from diet and exercise, but also from working on your relationships along with working on balancing your life and reducing your stress.

As you learn about and study each of these steps through our book and on-line training and presentations, you find a new sense of health and fulfillment that comes from changing your whole life and not just limited areas.  We hope that you find a heightened sense of joy and happiness as you master each step and implement them into your daily lives.  We are here to support you and guide you and help in any way that we can.  We know that things can change for and in your life as you focus on making small, consistent changes in your life.

You are the creator and can write a new chapter in your life and finish with a happy ending as you create a life worth living on your road to your Ultimate Life.

Step 1: Balance– Achieve balance through self assessment and greater focus  

Step 2: Rest– Re-energize with effective sleep methods

Step 3: Stress Reduction– Eliminate and lower your damaging stress levels

Step 4: Hydration– Drink more water to cleanse and refresh your body

Step 5: Nutrition– Eat simple, natural, nourishing foods for better health

Step 6: Relationships– Make stronger connections and bond with those you love

Step 7: Fitness- Exercise and stretch daily to jump start your body and soul

Step 8: Learning– Sharpen your thinking skills through daily learning

Step 9: Purpose– Propel your life to greater heights as you discover your life purpose

You can learn more about our steps and how to implement them into your daily lives to achieve greater health and happiness and create a life worth living in our book: Ultimate Life: Create a Life worth Living in 9 Simple steps.  You can purchase our book at Amazon and other online bookstores.