“Steve encourages us to look at 9 areas of ourselves for the purpose of improving the quality of our multi-faceted lives. Steve’s insights light a path that lead us step by step to living an Ultimate Life.” —Janay Robinson. L.E., Certified Holistic Skin Care Specialist 

Welcome to Ultimate Life!  We are excited to have you here!  We’re here to help you create a life worth living.  You can browse our site by clicking into the different menu headings on the top of this page.

Here are some highlights of our web site:

  • We are excited to share our signature 9-step program to help you become healthier and happier.  You can click into the 9-step plan link at the top of this page to learn what each of the 9 steps are.  Our books, training, and coaching utilize these 9 foundational steps to dive deeper into how they can affect us in different areas of our lives.  As you master and focus on all 9 steps, you will find positive and rewarding results in your life.
  • We just released our new book: Ultimate Life: Create a Life Worth Living in 9 Simple Steps.  You can get a summary of our book and where to buy it under the books link in the menu.
  • You can check out our blog link to find weekly articles and ideas to keep you excited to work hard and keep you updated on all the latest health ideas and bonus tips.
  • You can also click into our resources link to find worksheets and other PDF guides from our books and training.

We are excited to have you join our team of leaders, trailblazers, game-changers, influencers, and entrepreneurs in the whole life fitness industry.  Together we can learn how to become better in all areas of our lives so that we can lead and help others to find the same success that we do.  We can climb the mountain of life together and reach the peaks of healthy and happy living.  We at Ultimate Life are excited to hear your life stories, your successes, your struggles, your accomplishments, what you have overcome, and all that you are willing to share.  You can contact us by clicking into the Contact link on the menu and sending us an email.

We believe in you, we are here to support you, and we want to help you find your Ultimate Life!


Steve Christensen Founder of Ultimate Life: Create a Life Worth Living